Trouble Coming

Isaiah 7:17. “The Lord shall bring upon thee, and upon thy people, and upon thy father’s house, days that have not come, from the day that Ephraim departed from Judah; even the king of Assyria.”

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Remember, Isaiah is still speaking to King Ahaz of Judah.  Judah had refused to ask God for a sign of any nature, and Isaiah had then spoken the wonderful promise in Isaiah 7:14. Then he continued to pronounce doom on Judah, not from Syria (Aram) or from the northern kingdom, Ephraim (Israel).  No, the doom he spoke of would be far worse, coming from the mighty empire of Assyria that loomed over Syria and Ephraim as well as Judah. What would happen would be worse than the days in which the northern kingdom separated itself from the southern kingdom, leaving them both in a weakened state, sitting ducks for the Assyrian empire.

You have to wonder, looking at this map, why a huge empire like Assyria would even care about a poor, tiny little country like Israel/Judah. Surely, they were no threat to Assyria’s power. If you follow down through history, though, you will see that tiny little no-account Israel has always been in someone’s sites, and it still is today.  Satan has used every trick in the book to destroy God’s beloved people,and he’s still doing so today. Things are going to get very bad again for Israel before Jesus puts an end to all of it. Exciting times, dreadful times, prophecy being fulfilled right before our eyes.  Keep your eyes on the power struggles in that part of the world. It’s really heating up.


2 thoughts on “Trouble Coming

  1. Modern Iraq occupies the territory of the old Assyrian/Babylonian lands. Knowing the horrible treatment that was measured against Israel, is it any wonder Jonah didn’t want to go there and was even sullen when they repented?! When Nineveh was destroyed, it was never rebuilt. Just yesterday I did some research on Nineveh and found that the ruins of it lies close to modern day Mosul. Interesting. (At least to me.)

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