Sunday Morning Coffee: Back to Church

I’m feeling pretty good today.  Going to church, even going to the adult Bible study class at 9:30.  We’ll see how my back holds up with that much sitting on a church pew.

Two big days coming up:  Christmas, next Sunday.  I always love it when Christmas is on Sunday, although maybe not so much when I was little and it seemed like an eternity before we got to open our gifts.  For many years, though, it has just seemed so right that church be a part of Christmas Day.

I read a quote this morning that said it takes only a small group of people to change the world; in fact, that’s how it usually happens.  The early Christians in Jerusalem and other parts of Israel were surely part of a small beginning that is still making changes in the world.  Because of persecution, those early believers spread to all other parts of the known world, taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them. It’s a fascinating history. None of it would have happened if there hadn’t been a Christmas Day, whenever that actually falls. We don’t know for sure.  We’ve selected December 25 to honor the birth of Jesus Christ for a variety of reasons, not all of them strictly Christian. That’s okay. The purpose is to  honor Him, and that’s what we do.

Second big day:  January 10 is finally beginning to feel like it’s not so far away.  That’s when I have the surgery to fuse my sacroiliac joint.  I dreamed about it last night, a first for me.  Mostly the dream had to do with post-surgery, and I was feeling wonderful.

I hope that dream is prophetic 🙂

This is a short one today.  We’re about ready to leave.  Have a blessed Lord’s Day, wherever you attend.  May you come away having been a blessing.



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