Sunday Morning Coffee: A Little Nervous

When my alarm went off at six this morning, It took me a few beeps to swim up out of the delicious comfort of the first good night’s sleep I’ve had in four days. I think I’m just not active enough to really be tired, and my nights have been restless. Last night was good, though, and I’m thankful.  I’d decided it was time to try going back to church, and this is the day!

The pain has been quiet for a good two weeks.  No pain meds needed, for which my liver is thankful 🙂 That doesn’t mean the problem is healed; it just means I’ve been very quiet and have kept as much pressure as possible off that joint.

So today, I’m going to try sitting through church, and I’m nervous. There is just no way I want that pain back, and it’s still a little over a month before I get the surgery. I miss church, though, and I feel fairly safe in doing this today.  If I become uncomfortable, I can always  get up and move to the back of the auditorium where I won’t be a distraction if I stand for a while.going_to_church


On Friday, two lovely friends from church came and spent several hours with me.  We laughed, and we were serious, and we laughed some more. It made me realize how much I’ve missed the fellowship of my church family, and the preaching and teaching we get there. I think perhaps the most difficult part of this time of being set aside is that I’ve never missed so many Sundays, ever, in my entire life.

One of the things my friends and I discussed was the time I spent in Slovakia in 2015. The people there are hungry for the gospel.  I will never forget thinking I’d speak for about 20 minutes at a Bible study, and being amazed when the women kept me there answering all sorts of questions for over three hours.  In America, we’re saturated with the Word. We get it all the time, and I believe we take it for granted. We do NOT want to sit for over three hours to listen, ask questions, pray and learn together. We’ll sit that long for a football game, or a good movie–but not for preaching.  Too long.  Too boring. Yet those women crave to hear answers from God’s Word, and would have kept me there even longer if they hadn’t had children and families to tend to at home.

Well.  A little rambling this morning, but this Sunday morning post is a good place for rambling 🙂

I’m nervous, but I’m looking forward to being back in church this morning.  I hope that you all will enjoy your own church gatherings today, wherever they may be.


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