Trying Not to Lose my Temper!

Honestly, it gets a little harder every day.

I just read an article about the cast of “Hamilton” giving Mike Pence a message.  He was there for the performance, and when a cast member asked him to stay to hear their “message,”  Pence was booed. Then he was told that this cast was concerned that THEY would not be protected by Trump’s administration.They are a diverse group culturally, and I suppose it’s safe to assume sexually and spiritually as well. The guy who was delivering the message sounded so noble.  In reality, he was just spewing the same old liberal trash that we’ve been subjected to ad nauseum for eight years, and which is getting louder as so many people storm the streets, accusing Trump and all conservatives of being the haters.

Yesterday I watched a video of riots somewhere, I don’t know where. There was a line of police officers, helmeted and probably wearing kevlar, because this is dangerous duty for them. A young woman had a pool noodle that she kept bopping over the head and face of an officer, who finally had enough and snatched the noodle away from her. She reacted by uttering one shriek after another and curling up in fetal position while  other rioters rushed to her aide.  Poor little thing,  she’s grown up in the age of “everyone gets a trophy” and she really had no idea what it was like to be told “NO!”  Either that, or she planned the whole thing ahead of time, hoping to get a cop in trouble.

Let’s talk for a minute about the safety of some other people:  Business owners who hold strong beliefs based on the Bible. They are asked to bake,  cater, provide flowers, etc. for a gay couple.  Because they believe gay marriage is not approved in God’s Word, they politely decline. They end up being sued, forced out of business, ruined: and all the time, there were plenty of other businesses nearby that would have been glad to accommodate the couple.  But no,  everyone MUST bow to what the LGBT community demands, or they will find their stores vandalized and their money gone.

Would someone please explain how that is acceptable?  For good, decent, law-abiding citizens running a private business, everything they have is on the line if they don’t appease people who are participating in something they cannot condone.They’re not making threats; they are glad to serve customers coming into their stores, and it doesn’t matter where they stand politically. But they’re not allowed to practice their religious convictions, even though no one is harmed by their doing so.Even though there are many other options for them to  use in planning their weddings. None of that matters. They are “haters” because they hold to their beliefs.

I think all the nonsense taking place now in reaction to Trump’s victory is hateful. If it had gone the other way, there may have been a few Trump supporter who would have staged a protest; however, I am confident that it would never have been as long-lived, ugly, and relentless as what is happening now on the streets of our cities.

Okay, I’m done.  And I welcome your comments on a couple of conditions:

  1.  Be reasonable, not hateful.  Don’t call me or anyone else ugly names.I am a well-educated professional, not an ignorant low-information voter.
  2.   No profanity; no vulgar language; no swearing.  And no threats.

If you can’t refrain from those behaviors, then I will not publish your comment. If you disagree with me and want to be treated with respect, then you have to give me the same.

10 thoughts on “Trying Not to Lose my Temper!

  1. Could not agree with you more.
    I also had watched a video of a riot in NYC a few days ago. I was so sickened. I finally posted a comment about how ridiculous the entire thing was and that it was nothing but pure hate and evil. The things they were chanting were nothing short of disgusting and have nothing to do with anything except to create more anger and violence. Why? Because they lost the election? I wasn’t happy the last 2 elections and wasn’t alone but don’t recall this happening. I think about when Obama shut tge the White House down to visitors and tried to even keep veterans from going to see the outdoor things in DC. Bikers and truckers went to try to quietly protest. Media barely mentioned it if they did at all. Not even sure that many went. The thing is, we were upset by a lot of things but we know that creating violence is not the answer.
    Voter suppression, it has been against the Trump-Pence people. I have been amazed by the number of people who I am now finding out did not tell anyone who they were voting for because they were afraid of what kind of rage might come at them. I was the same..
    Everyone may get a trophy but both candidates cannot win the election! They need to suck it up and go home.

    (The noodle really? Hitting the cop with it? I wouldn’t be a police officer for anything. I thank God for them.)

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    1. Yes, she kept bopping it all over his head and his face shield. So disrespectful, and he just stood there and took it for several minutes while she giggled. Too bad he couldn’t give her a spanking. Apparently her parents never did.

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      1. Bonnie Boutte

        If you look at it again he shot her in the face with mace. I truly understand what you are saying, I am a Christian even though I do not agree with you. I have grandsons I do not want them sent to war. I also believe Saturday is the sabbath, but I do not believe people who go to church on Sunday will burn in hell. God has given us all free will, it is up to each one of us to choose how we live and treat our fellow man. This country has turned on itself, people are so hurtful and mean to each other, I pray every day that God our Father will look upon this nation and our people with love and tolerance, because in his eyes we are all selfish children. Thank you all for letting me say how I feel. I also have a hard time not loosing my temper.

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      2. I didn’t see the mace. The whole incident was unfortunate. She just wouldn’t leave him alone, and apparently he lost patience.

        You must be a Seventh Day Adventist? I have some acquaintances who are, and it sounds like you share their beliefs. The great thing about being a true Bible-believing Christian, is that we can accept each other’s differences without being hateful. I think all of us dread the idea of actual armed conflict. I have six grandsons. The oldest is 17, the youngest is 14. So I understand, and I pray it never comes to that.

        God bless you, Bonnie. Thanks for your comment.


  2. Four smug cities in my state are being sued by the Indiana Family Institute. The cites thought that the judge would throw out the case but guess what, he didn’t. This week I heard that the case is going to be heard. Those four cities are installing their own laws in regard to businesses being able to refuse service to the LGBT crowd. Our state constitution holds to religious freedom and I am in hopes that the discrimination laws for life style groups will lose this one. I have noticed in the last two years that although I do believe conservative folks outnumber the loud liberal voices, thoe libs are mighty loud and obnoxious. Conservatives tend to be quiet, but strong.
    The only thing that is going to produce unity is the message of Christ. Even Jesus was jeered by a loud, and I might add, religious, crowd.

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