Today, a good friend and my daughter are coming, bringing lunch with them.  I’m SO looking forward to this!  It’s been a long and relatively quiet six weeks for me.  I’m not used to being housebound, and I don’t much like it.

It’s gorgeous outside.  The sky is that intense blue that only comes in the fall.  Temps are mild.  Fall is so beautiful here in my corner of PA.


I was browsing through Facebook a few minutes ago, looking at prayer requests, responding to messages.  Then I got to thinking about things some other people have told me about the junk, sometimes very offensive, that pops up on their news feeds. I’m thankful that I don’t get very much of that sort of thing.  Political posts, yes, but I can scan those pretty quickly and decide whether or not to read them.

The other day, along the right sidebar, I saw a post that said “Trump is Dead,” along with a picture of him lying on the floor. I’ve learned to be very cautious about things like that, and I’m glad I didn’t click on it.  A friend told me that she did click, and it was a big scary warning that she now had a virus on her computer and all her info would be stolen.  Good grief!  Avoid the click bait, folks. They usually don’t provide what they claim.

The other day I noticed one of those things that said Bill Clinton had been arrested.  Doubting Thomas that I am, I didn’t click on it. I did google it though, and found that Clinton’s brother had been arrested for a DUI.  Nothing new or newsworthy there.

I’m wondering why FB allows those misleading, dishonest come-ons. Makes no sense to me.

Well, I need to go tidy myself up for company.  Praying you all have an enjoyable weekend, If your weather is as pretty as mine, you’ll  take advantage of being outside before the winter  grey sets in.



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