Sixth Woe:Alcohol and Injustice

Isaiah 5: 22-23.

Woe unto them that are mighty to drink wine, and men of strength to mingle strong drink:

23Which justify the wicked for reward, and take away the righteousness of the righteous from him!


These  verses aim at those who have  some position of leadership and influence, who use that power to enrich themselves at someone else’s expense.  Notice Isaiah’s use of sarcasm again:  “Mighty to drink wine. . .strength to mingle strong drink.”  Great heroes, these men. They are well-known for their injustice and their consumption of alcohol.

Do we idolize alcohol today?  Well, of course!  Talk to any young people who attend a college or university and you will hear about the guys (and girls) who “can really hold their liquor.” They are respected for their ability to be drunk, and that’s just one example. I’ve heard about competitions for drinking shots as fast as possible, for instance, but no one says much about the after-effects which sometimes lead to death.

It seems to me like a contest to see who can be the most stupid.

Not only are these men heroic drinkers, but they are also known for being able, through bribery,  to get the wicked criminal set free and to accuse the righteous of doing evil.  This is a picture of someone who has absolutely no moral character, and who is willing to go to any length to get what he wants.

Such behavior is not becoming to anyone, but especially unbecoming to those who claim the Name of Jesus Christ.

(I did the math on the inset  statement above.  Based on 100 adults, 75 of them drink, and 4.5 of them are alcoholics. Something to think about.)


6 thoughts on “Sixth Woe:Alcohol and Injustice

  1. “How wasted am I!” Even the very popular and cute “Big Bang Theory” is an offense for so many reasons and I watch it. I don’t live that lifestyle of alcoholism and promiscuity yet I do like the show. I have problems with some of the ideology and have told the writers that, not that it makes a big difference to them I’m sure, but I believe everyone should speak up when they know there is something wrong.

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  2. Intoxicating drinks are as old as prostitution. It never seems to go away. It is a deception of Satan to think something or someone can make us happy.
    I am appalled at how many of my former students, whose parents paid plenty of money to have enrolled them in a Christian School, openly admit to imbibing alcoholic beverages on a regular basis. I can say for sure: I did not fail them, the school did not fail them; the church did not fail them, that that leaves, well, parents. Of course, once they leave home, the choices are personal. I hate to see the further decline. In one case, a former student of mine is now a mayor in a neighboring community. Her son, is involved with drugs and has a girl, unwed, in my neighborhood pregnant. She is also on drugs, meth. The decline started years ago, according to the son’s mother’s own admission, when she quit going to church. Intoxication is a genuine robber of righteousness.

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