Fourth Woe: Apostasy

Isaiah 5:20. “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.”

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The subversion of moral principals had become rampant in Judah and Jerusalem.  You cannot worship some man-created god and still pretend to practice true godliness.  The two things simply cannot exist in the same space.

I keep going back to something a pastor of ours said many years ago:  Sin will always take you farther than you intended to go. It is like a whirlpool–wide and slow-moving at the top, but once you are caught in, and  it circles downward, it narrows and goes faster and faster  until you are without escape.

Any society can legalize sin if they choose to do so, and maybe that makes people feel better about whatever they are doing that is against God’s truth. However, legalizing sin does not make it acceptable to God. In our pitiful pride and self-confidence, we look at God and say, “But we made a rule that it is okay now to kill babies!” or whatever other heinous act we now accept as normal.  God will not be impressed. He never changes, and we are foolish to believe that we can function against His power and still escape destruction.

3 thoughts on “Fourth Woe: Apostasy

  1. Amen!
    Knowledge. I think often our younger people are ignorant of a lot of things and they are young and selfish. I say this because I have been there. I was born December of 1964. I wasn’t raised in church. I had a good home and was not spoiled or lavished with stuff I wanted (like my scoolmates) but I always had all my needs taken care of.

    So, while I was taught right and wrong and respect and wasn’t taught it from the perspective of the word of God. My parents were good parents but took the Lord’s name in vain and drank and smoked cigarettes. (Not that they were drunks and back then smoking cigarettes only seemed bad to those ‘pesky Christians’.)

    Saying all that to say. When I was younger I agreed with the right to abortion. Probably because I thought of it as a legal medical option. My parents did always speak against that and always said if you ever find yourself pregnant then give us the child and we will raise it but DON’T HAVE AN ABORTION. When I did become pregnant I loved that baby from tge moment I knew he was inside of me. I was only 16 and felt like I was a throw away but felt it will just be me and you against the world! I believed abortion was a needed thing but it simply was not an option for me. I am from Arkansas and so when Clinton ran for president I was in my 20’s. I was all for him! Why? Because he was from Arkansas. Why else? STUPID right? YES. It is the same thing as those who vote for someone simply because they are black or white or because they are a woman. They want to be part of the first black president election or part of first woman election. They don’t care about the issues or right or wrong or the truth.

    Slowly over the years tge Lord continued to draw me near and I continued to seek Him. My age changed me and more importantly the word of God changed me. Getting away from TV and learning about exactly what abortion really was. I was sickened greatly by my ignorance. I watch things going on all over the world and especially in the Middle-East and Israel. I am always in awe when the Lord God shows me or reveals something to me from His word. Something I have read many times but suddenly I see something much deeper written! That thrills me so deeply. Only God can do that!

    I was once a young person who was ignorant of God’s word. I was ignorant of the truly importance of our elections and the people we choose. (I didn’t vote for Clinton back then, but only cheered for him…I didn’t vote at all…because my parents never did and they always said your vote doesn’t count.) My oldest son left for the Navy in 2000. I think 2004 was tge first time I ever voted for president. For the first time in my life I began to care about what was going on all over the world. I began to inform myself, to watch, to pay attention. I had something vitally important to me at stake. My son. He comes out of boot camp and goes to sea and WHAT???, WARRRRR breaks out? He has been in ever since and I have another now also in the military.

    Oh, how our world has changed since 2000 to 2016. I am thankful the Lord God has opened my eyes to see . I am thankful I am watchful. I am watching for our King to come…our Saviour Jesus Christ! Until then, I will occupy and keep watching and try to wake my husband and our grown children.

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    1. That’s quite a story. And yes, I agree that the upcoming generations don’t seem to know right from wrong. The things they see as wrong are things like preaching the truth of God’s Word. That might offend someone, so it’s wrong. We are indeed a nation in trouble.

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