Sunday Morning Coffee:Beautiful October

I’ve always loved the fall.  The humidity goes away, the heat goes away, and the air is crystal clear. The colors of fall flowers really pop. And the leaves put out their own special version of fireworks. Against an October -blue sky, you almost need sunglasses just to enjoy the display. The October sun is friendly, and the full moon of October?  Well, it’s just hard to describe it. I love watching the full moon rising at this time of year; and there’s a Harvest Moon in September or October that seems as if you could reach out an  spike it over a celestial volleyball net. Here’s what I mean:


What’s hard for me to realize is that we’re in the final week of my favorite month!  I’ve spent the entire month either in bed or sitting in the one chair we have that is fairly comfortable.

I haven’t been outdoors much.  Can’t walk, and lawn chairs are NOT therapeutic! I miss being in church.  There are a few good preachers on TV or radio, but it’s not the same. I’ve been spending more time  in the Word while I wait for my appointment with the surgeon. Asking the Lord for an extra dose of patience . Three more weeks, and the thing I dread most is the possibility of being put off for another month or more for the actual surgical procedure. Pain pills have become  a new food group for me. But—I can still enjoy this season watching my neighbor’s yard cross the street. Lots of color there. And Terry  has taken me for a drive a couple of times so we can enjoy the countryside.

We have a beautiful earth, created by God, Who loves to give us good things.


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