Oppression and Crying

Isaiah 5:7. “For the vineyard of the Lord of hosts is the house of Israel, and the men of Judah His pleasant plant: and He looked for judgment, but behold oppression: for righteousness, but behold a cry.”

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This verse continues the theme and metaphor of wild grapes. God interprets the passage, explaining that the vineyard is Israel and the men (people) of Judah are His pleasant plant.

Then we see a comparison/contrast:  He looked for judgment but saw oppression; He looked for righteousness, but instead there was weeping.

I am told that in the Hebrew language this contrast/comparison is poetic, with words that sound very similar to one another, illustrating the false versus the true.  Instead of good fruit, all God saw were bitter grapes. Instead of joy in communion with Him, there is weeping at the results of sin.

When we become so used to the formalism of what we loosely call worship, we could easily substitute the word  routine.  Even setting aside time for personal reading and study can become nothing more than a daily chore, yielding only sour grapes because we have dulled our hearts to His Word.

It’s so easy to allow fellowship with God to be defined as going to church. No. That can be one outgrowth of worship, but it is not the definition of worship.


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