Tempus Fugit

I had to go find a calendar to see what date this today. When I’m not working, I don’t have to write the date on each client’s progress notes. Sometimes i have no ideas what day it is, never mind the date.

Tempus Fugit.  Time flies.

You will find this on many old-fashioned “Grandfather’s Clocks.”

All that got me to thinking about the fact that there is no time with God. He is not constrained by a schedule, a watch, or a calendar.  He just–IS.  From the very beginning, in our finite understanding of things, He  had no beginning and He will have no ending. He identified Himself as “I AM” (Exodus 3:14).

He already knows the outcome of next months’ election, and He always has. We can’t surprise God. He also knows the final outcome of my beloved America, and He always has.

Because He is “I AM,” I don’t have to walk in fear, no matter what this old world comes up with.  He will walk through the valley of the shadow of death with me when my time comes, and all that years that I have lived will fall away in the light of eternity.

Armed with this knowledge,  I have an increased sense of need to reach the hearts of people for the Lord. My mission field is often my work.  People come into my office bruised and wounded, and sometimes they  come to the Lord before we’re done.  Some are resistant, and don’t want to hear about God in any way.  It’s His fault, after all.  Others are wide open, and have chosen our practice because it is a Christian counseling office.  They know they need God; they’re just not sure how to find Him.

But He was there all the time.


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