Sunday Morning Coffee: Circuses, Cats, and Fleas

Several weeks ago we were at a farm show that was featuring a flea circus off in one of the sideshows.  We were hot and tire and didn’t want to take the time, but Terry and I were talking about it lat night. I did some googling, and came up with several videos featuring fleas and some of the circus acts that are set up around them.

There was one in which Ben Hur Flea was in a chariot race with Messala Flea.  Ben Hur, of course, won the chariot race.

Well, I was tired and I went off to bed while Terry watched a bit longer. This morning, when I lifted the lid to my laptop, I was greeted with a video of a cat getting a flea bath. Intrigued because the cat wasn’t fighting the process, I watched for a while. The man who was bathing the cat gave clear directions while he worked. Wet the cat down with warm water, avoiding the head and face. Then soap him up really well with something Irish Spring soap, which is what he uses on himself, after all.  So glad to know that.  While this process was going on, the fleas began to surface.  I guess they don’t like soap, and especially scented deodorant soap. It was amazing, really, how easy it was for the guy to pick off the fleas and send them to  their maker.  He says he has to do this every day during the hot weather and into autumn, so apparently this was an indoor/outdoor cat. And I must say, a very patient cat.


So why am I sharing this?  Well, I couldn’t help but be reminded of Psalm 51:7:

“Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean: wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.”

It takes a daily cleansing for my heart to be free of nasty little critters of sin that can infect my thinking and my behavior. Daily, coming to God and asking Him to show me where the “fleas” are so they can be cleansed away.  And even as a cat can accept this daily cleansing ritual with composure, so I can come to look forward to my times alone with the Lord while He seeks out the hidden corners of my heart and cleanses me with His grace, forgiveness, and mercy.

Sometimes we don’t like the process. We squall and hiss and try to break free. But His loving hand holds us steady until the process is complete. And it feels so good when it’s finished! Knowing your heart is clean before God is a wonderful thing.

We just can’t stop those cleansing moments, though, because the fleas come back when the cat goes back outside, just like sin does when we go back out into the world we live in. Sadly, sin isn’t just an outward influence. It comes from within. We can never stop being vigilant, just as we can never stop being thankful for a God Who forgives whenever we ask Him to.

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