Sunday Morning Coffee: Showers of Blessing

Rain!  We’re six inches behind the normal annual rainfall this year.  Leaves are falling off trees because it’s so dry, and there won’t be much color this year if this keeps up.

Root vegetables like carrots have a more bitter taste to them when there isn’t enough water. The grass is brown and crunchy, and why anyone is still mowing is beyond me. Their lawn tractors just send up clouds of dust.

My son is in from California, and he says he’d forgotten how green it is out here, even in a dry year.  He’s living in SoCal, southern California, and it’s more desert than anything. He’s gotten used to that, and really is enjoying the green of even a dry Pennsylvania.

Some will complain about the rain, especially if it lasts more than just an hour or so. They  want clear blue skies all the time. They should move to Arizona. It always amazes me when people gripe about the gift of a good, steady rainfall. I love the rain, always have. Life-giving, refreshing, cleansing rain that cools down the heat of a late summer day cannot be anything but a blessing.

And of course, I always think of this good old gospel song:


Thank You, Lord, for the rain.  Thank You, Lord, for Your mercy that  falls on us like a gentle, cleansing, refreshing rain.


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