This one will be short and to the point.

I do not wish ill on Hillary Clinton. I hate her politics, and I hate where she wants to take our country; however, I do not hate HER. I have no personal malice against her. I deplore what I perceive as her complete , characteristic dishonesty that extends back to her first appearance on the public scene as a Goldwater Girl. I deplore the apparent ease with which she oils her way out of any and all accusations against her, no matter how well-founded they are. I do not want her back in the White House, and I do NOT want her husband to be the “First Gentleman.”  A gentleman he’s not, and never was.

So.  While I have no personal liking for her, I also do not join those who are gleeful about her present apparent physical maladies. I can pray that God will somehow speak to her through His Word, which she claims to read, or through some person who will speak God’s love and grace to her; I can pray that she will come to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Something else I deplore is the glee that some people show when she faints, or has some other physical sign of pretty serious illness. She is  a soul that will spend eternity somewhere, just like all the rest of us. Our prayer should be that she comes to know the Lord.

And that’s all.

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