Need a Laugh? Here you Go :)

I wasn’t going to post this morning, but this is just too funny to keep to myself.

I’ve been slow to get moving this morning,  just now getting around to doing my normal face routine–toner, moisturizer.  Nothing fancy, takes just a few seconds.

So I grab the big plastic bottle of toner, fill up my cotton ball swab, and swiped away. It felt unusually cold, but I was thinking of other things and kept going, over my nose and to my other cheek. But my nose said, “Hey!  Cut that out!  What are you using, you birdbrain?”

Image result for woman using toner on her face

The smell was so sharp it made my eyes water, so I, being an above-average intelligent woman,  took a second look at the bottle in my hand.

It was fingernail polish remover. Acetone. On my FACE! Oy.  Same size bottle as my toner, and boy, do I feel silly!

Washed my face three times, used my toner, used my moisturizer. It still feels tight.  I just hope it doesn’t make my skin disappear like it does my fingernail polish 🙂

Did you laugh?  Did you smile?  You’re welcome.  Did you shake your head wondering how anyone could be so dumb?  Just wait.  Juuuuuuust you wait 🙂

9 thoughts on “Need a Laugh? Here you Go :)

    1. I was wondering when someone would notice that. . . .and of course it had to be you. . . hold a wet swab of polish remover in your fingers, and your polish will become tacky and some of it will disappear. Next time you polish your nails, you should try it 🙂


  1. Margie

    Linda this reminds me of the time when I was doing home care and had visited a lady to help her with her personal care…. I had washed her back and applied the “pink bottle” baby lotion on her back…. as we continued I couldn’t figure out why we there
    was a chemical smell arising, in the bathroom with us, which I thought was odd…. Well, I could not figure it out so when I went back to the cabinet to get the bottle to put some on her legs…. my eyes about popped out of their sockets! ….OH NO!
    Her daughter who lived with her had her own “pink bottle” very similar size AND shape to the baby lotion bottle of non other then “hair removal” a Nair type lotion…. I about freaked out… told the women I was so sorry… and as you did we washed her back maybe 3 times… Thinking about it now….. I suspect his poor women has regrown the hair on her back and is one hairy momma!!! 😀

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