The Righteous

Isaiah 3:10. “Say ye to the righteous, that it shall be well  with him; for they shall eat the fruit of their doings.”

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In the midst of all these dire prophecies that will fall on Judah and Jerusalem for their sin, it is comforting that this verse is there. God will always honor those who are righteous. They may have to suffer with the entire nation, but they will be rewarded in some way for their determination to continue to do right, to follow the Lord, no matter what everyone else may say or do.

It is sad when the few who take a stand for righteousness do so against the desires of everyone else. Many times, the one who chooses godliness stands alone, and is accused of being judgmental, self-righteous, and proud. Sin can infect a whole culture, so that wrong becomes right, and right becomes wrong. It is happening again, now, here in American. Political correctness is almost always unbiblical in its inception. A good example of that would be our country’s law that legalizes the murder of babies in utero.  Hillary Clinton has stated that she believes a baby up to 36 weeks’ gestation is not yet human, and has no rights under the constitution.

And that, my friends is political correctness.  There are those who take it as far as saying that the baby isn’t a baby until the parents choose to take it home.

I shake my head.  God’s heart is grieved.


3 thoughts on “The Righteous

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    So very true! Saddest thing is how those who call themselves Christ-like, but are trying to live with one leg in the world and one leg as a ‘Christian’, are some of the worst critics of those who take a stand for Godly values, maybe because they have grown too comfortable with sins of this world.

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