Saturday Morning, September 3

I borrowed this pretty picture from my blogging friend Olive Ole over at Travel Much?  on Word Press.   She writes wonderful travelogues, with great pictures and historic detail.


This morning she was talking about how fast this summer has gone, and she’s right. At this moment, we have all the doors and windows open because it is FINALLY cool outside.  Time to get all the summer air-conditioned funk out of the house. I don’t miss the heat and I hope we don’t get any more long stretches of it, but there will be lots of days yet when the temps are in the high 70’s and 80’s, always cooling off at night.

Back when I was teaching, my summers were filled with domestic tasks I didn’t have the time for during the school year.  Major cleaning, sewing, organizing. We also had a garden, and there were lots of wild berry bushes in the woods around our house.  I canned, froze, made jam and jelly. Lots of work, but I miss those days when the kids were all home and I had good help from them.

Where we lived, in central Minnesota, the evenings always cooled off no matter how hot the day had been.  Terry and I used to go for a long walk after supper, or we’d all pile into the van with Tick, our silly Springer spaniel, and go to one of the lakes nearby.

I liked to swim, but Tick didn’t understand that I wasn’t in danger. One time I swam out too far for his liking, and he came out after me.  Springers are strong swimmers.  He circled around behind me and pretty much herded me in toward shore. When I tried to dodge him, I paid for it with his claw marks across my back. He wasn’t going to let me drown 🙂


We had awesome storms there in what was still prairie, even as far north as Brainerd.  Huge cumulus clouds  that looked innocent in the afternoon would darken and turn to grey-black threats as evening approached, and then the lightening would start, bringing thunder to rock the foundations of the world!  Rain would pour for maybe half an hour, and there was a good strong wind. Sometimes there was damage, even a tornado now and then. Scary, but amazing to watch. When it was all over, everything was fresh, clean, and revived from the heat of the day.

Here in our corner of Pennsylvania, we do get good thunderstorms but there’s no prairie. The hills tend to slow down the wind, and tornados are rare. The worst storm I remember is four years ago in November when Hurricane Sandy invaded our state and did a great deal of damage. That was the year Terry fell from a ladder and broke his heel, so it’s all tied together in my memory.

His heel, by the way, is still giving him a great deal of pain. We went to the doctor on Monday morning this past week, and he said the next step is something called an Arizona Brace. It will keep his foot and ankle immobile, and should relieve the pain.


Sure hope this works, because I’m thinking the next step will involve surgery. I don’t even want to think about him going through that again.

Well, this has certainly been a ramble, and it all started with how fast the summer went by. You just never know where you’re going to end up here 🙂


4 thoughts on “Saturday Morning, September 3

  1. More like a chat. I like your chats.
    My mom broke her hip and instead of invasive surgery at age 89, the bone doctor put her in traction for two months. The nursing home did not pay attention to the fact that her heel was getting sores, sorta like bed sores, and she ended up wearing a boot that allowed her mobility once she was out of traction and into physical therapy. It suspended her heel so she wasn’t putting pressure on it, but she could get around very well for a woman her age!
    I am sorry for Terry. He has been so active it must be difficult to be in pain in order to do the things he loves to do. 😦
    Enjoyed the dog story.

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