Idols Gone!

Isaiah 2:18. “And the idols He shall utterly abolish.”

This short little verse is chock full of thought-provoking wisdom.

And idol is any thing we worship, anything more important to us than God. I can be anything from a creation made by man for the purpose of worship to something as simple as the TV or our cell phones.

Cell phones?  Just don’t even get me started. This little mini-computer has become the focus of too many lives. Irresistible, it interferes with everything and almost always gets first place. You’ve all seen the pictures of a group of people sitting at a restaurant, ostensibly out for an evening of fellowship; problem is, they’re all on their smart phones.

If You Whip Out Your Cell Phone During Dinner I Will Stab You With My ...

I think that’s idol worship.

I don’t think there will be any smart phones in heaven.

But I’ve gone to the mundane. What is so important here is that when Jesus reigns, there will be NO other gods before Him. ALL idols will be destroyed. Only He will be exalted.

And there will be peace on earth.


5 thoughts on “Idols Gone!

  1. Amen! I agree completely. I have two teenagers and a 21 year old and I’ll admit, my husband, myself and they are on our phones way too often. However, we are still the type of family that believes in dinners together, saying grace and discussing our days. Cell phones are not allowed at the dinner table. We definitely preach to our kids, that God comes first and they are to seek Him in everything they do. The Christian life isn’t always easy, but we strive to draw closer to Him every day.

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    1. Wow. Family dinners. You really are old school 🙂 We did that too, and we wouldn’t change a thing. Of course, that was in the ’80’s, before the beloved, dreaded cell phone became a household appliance.

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      1. Definitely old school, lol. When our kids invite their friends over for dinner, they have to explain the “rules” ahead of time. But they usually enjoy being with us as a family and often state that they don’t do that at home. It’s a little sad, don’t ya think?

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