Sunday Morning Coffee: Not What I Planned

Yesterday we spent the day with my daughter and her family. We drove out to Lancaster, which always delights with its peaceful, rolling green hills and lush farms. It was a beautiful day,if a little warmer than necessary, with billowy white clouds and  breeze that helped keep the heat bearable.  We went to the 60th Annual Threshing event at one of the farms. It was perfect for Terry, Aaron and the boys. Lots of antique machinery, including a beautiful Pierce Arrow  that even I was impressed with.

The main event was a demonstration of how wheat has been harvested, threshed, baled and so on.  I loved watching that. History always grabs my attention.

My favorite thing, though is people-watching. As I sat resting in the shade for a while, I watched the people with great interest. There were Amish farmers there, some older men who had massive forearms, and I pictured them driving their horses, five abreast, turning up furrows in the rich earth.


There was an Amish family, very large, and the mom was obviously enjoying every minute with her flock. The dad?  Patient, calm, and kind. Delightful to see.

Many other people, old and young; as they walked by, I wondered what their stories were.

Terry joined me after having wandered through the antique cars, tractors, and other machinery with the boys. We sat and enjoyed the shade, the breeze, and the scenery. When it was time to go, we both slowly straightened up from the bench, laughing with each other as we  used our canes for support.  I said, “Remember when we could walk for hours, move freely, get up and down without even thinking about it?  And hoping we’d never get old and crotchety? Well, here we are!”

It happens sooner than you think, especially, as with Terry, when you sustain a serious injury that  totally changes you. And my lower back issues have made me look and feel a lot older than I did just two short years ago.

Well, it was a great day in spite of our crotchets, and we enjoyed ourselves, ending the day with a delicious meal with the family.

I felt fine when I went to bed.  Tired, but it was a good tired.  However during the course of the night I woke up several times feeling chilled  and then hot.  And finally, around three a.m., my old friend the Mother of All Migraines came to visit. So here I am at home this morning instead of enjoying church.  Please don’t make any loud noises.  Please don’t turn on the lights.  And please don’t ask me to talk to you or laugh at a joke.

Godzilla was a sissy compared to me with a migraine.

The coffee helps. When it’s gone, I feel my quiet, dark bedroom calling to me.

6 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Coffee: Not What I Planned

  1. Cynthia Vile

    I love the description of Lancaster, I felt as though I was on that bench with you. I, too, am home from church. My mind says, “I am going to church”, my body has other plans. Thankfully, my church has streaming, although I would much rather be there in person. Praying for you today, my friend. Love you

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  2. The weather was beautiful here and my car,although sounding old, got me to church and back. Like Cynthia said, I go to church via streaming when I can’t get there physically although it is sometimes on Monday via You Tube of MP3 instead of Sunday. But, how I miss singing with the congregation and seeing friends. I hope your headache dissapates by evening.

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