End Times Prophecy

Isaiah 1:28-31

28 And the destruction of the transgressors and of the sinners shall be together,
and they that forsake the Lord shall be consumed.
29 For they shall be ashamed of the oaks which ye have desired,
and ye shall be confounded for the gardens that ye have chosen.
30 For ye shall be as an oak whose leaf fadeth,
and as a garden that hath no water.
31 And the strong shall be as tow, and the maker of it as a spark,
and they shall both burn together, and none shall quench them.

Still speaking of the far future and the Millennial Kingdom, God says that those who have rejected God and followed the Antichrist will be destroyed and consumed (v. 28).

In verse 29, the “oaks”  represent the powerful ones of earth, the Man of Sin and the leaders under him. The “garden”s are symbolic of the pleasures and riches of the world. Those pleasures and glories will be like an old, dying oak tree, and a garden with no water. They have forsaken the “Fountain of living waters” (Jer. 2:13).

The only possible result of forsaking the God of Israel is loss and shame. America needs to understand that every nation that has gone after the things of this world has fallen. We will not be exempt.

In verse 31, the strong (man) suggests the two great beasts of Rev. 13, the  final Gentile world ruler and his colleague. He will go up in flames with all his works and his power. Rev. 19:20 says that they will both burn together, and no one will be able to quench them.


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