First thing this morning, I went to my pain doctor to get a shot in my left sacroiliac joint. These shots are such a godsend.  I can’t imagine the pain I would have right now if it weren’t for these treatments over the past 1 1/2 years.   If your doctor is recommending epidurals for pain treatment and you’re afraid of that, please believe me when I tell you how worth it these shots are.  I’ve heard that not all doctors who do them are as good as my doctor.  There is very little pain and it’s over very quickly.


While I was waiting, both before and after the shot, I was paging through a popular magazine that dishes on Hollywood stars, musicians, and TV.

I didn’t know a single one of them. They all looked like children to me. That’s what happens when you reach the vast old age of 69. You just don’t pay much attention to the tinsel  and glitter of all that mess.  It’s just not important.  As I was flipping through, looking at pictures, I was astonished at how far some of these people are from the  stars of TV and even most movies that were popular when I was a kid. They look trashy to me. There was even on couple, male and female, who were wearing clothes that covered their backs and legs, but not their bottoms.

Why on earth would anyone DO that?  God forgive us for the things we worship these day–glitter, glamor, and total absorption with our bodies/ourselves. Holiness?  Nah.  Old-fashioned. Not applicable any more.  We’ve grown beyond that stuff. We’re not so uptight anymore. We’re not ashamed of our bodies these days, so we don’t feel the need to cover our private parts.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I sure hope this is not a trend that will have people wearing bottom-baring outfits. Bleagh.

I see that Jennifer Aniston has been named Most Beautiful Woman for 2016.  I don’t know much about her.  I guess she’s pretty.  I do find it interesting that whoever makes these decisions tends to look at more mature women and not the dewy young things who haven’t lived very long. There is beauty in age.  Even very old age.  Look into the eyes.  That’s where you find beauty when the person has lived well, loved well, followed the Lord.

I also find it interesting that the Most Beautiful/Handsome  award goes to entertainers. Really?  That’s a pretty tight little club. Those are the only people who qualify?  Maybe there should be scouts out looking in the neighborhoods across America.  They might be surprised.

Well.  That’s probably enough of that.  I’m enjoying relief from pain today, resting, reading, and maybe I’ll even catch a little nap after lunch.

Life is good right now, right here.

I’m wondering if this horrible “Day of Rage” is actually being perpetrated anywhere, probably in larger cities. I suppose I could watch some news, but I’m not sure I want to do that.  Mr. Obama has much to answer  for. He has indeed “fundamentally changed America” by making us more divided than we have been since the Civil War.  I heard a little bit of his talk at the Dallas memorial on Tuesday.  Heard him say America isn’t as divided as we think it is, and HE KNOWS, because HE knows America!

What an absurd statement from a President who spends millions of dollars every year on multiple vacations.  He lives so far above most of us commoners.  How can he possibly say he knows America?  He knows nothing about the America that just perseveres, works, enjoys family and friends while the world he DOES know goes crazy all around us.

Okay, I’m going to do it.  I’m going to catch the noon news.



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