What’s Up Next?

I’ve been thinking about two books–Genesis and Isaiah.  I haven’t been really clear on which one the Lord is directing me to. However,  several people have mentioned Isaiah to me in the last couple of weeks.  I already have a good chunk of material outlined from teaching it in my Bible study class at our old church. It’s bothered me that I had to leave it unfinished, and I’m thinking this may be the time to  continue and complete the study.

It could take me a couple of days to get my materials in order and decide on my approach, so you may not see me here for a couple of days–unless my holding-back-strap breaks and I have to say something about the Hillary boondoggle.

No one is surprised, of course, but I believe that all right-thinking people are discouraged and disheartened that she actually is getting out of all her misdeeds–again–without so much as a scratch.

So you just never know what will show up here in the next few days. Possibly nothing. I’m sure cyberspace is already full of “How could this possible happen?”  opinions.

5 thoughts on “What’s Up Next?

  1. Margie

    she may think she has gotten away with her espionage & deceitfulness again…. but one day she will meet her maker and well…. she won’t get away with it that day!

    Liked by 1 person

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