I’m struggling with  a severe case of heartburn. Not the  Tums kind. The sad, hurting, life-is-really-hard kind.

And not in my own behalf. My life is not perfect, but nothing I’m dealing with rises to the level of some other problems that belong to the people in my life, mostly in my work.

I know of a little girl, 12 years old, who is struggling horribly with a disease that could actually take her life.  She’s in awful pain, most of the time.  It’s heartbreaking.

I know of a mom whose heart is broken by the suicide of her young daughter. The pain is enough  to tear the heart out. Leaves her gasping for breath and  trembling with despair.

I know of someone who witnessed a murder/suicide.  I can’t even imagine the horror of that.

Now, going beyond the personal and individual, I have heartburn for my country. As someone has aptly said, the trouble with this upcoming election is that one of the candidates is going to win.  How does a believer vote for either of them?  A raging, lying socialist who hasn’t told the truth in so long that she can’t even remember what truth is. A casino-owning wheeler-dealer, thrice married, and switching parties just so he could run as a conservative.  I don’t know, maybe he’s different than his public persona, but the casino thing really bothers me.  So many evils are connected to casinos, gambling being just the most obvious. And yet if we don’t vote for him, we get her.  Kind of like the dilemma in The Lady of the Tiger. 

Our young people, force-fed group think during all their school  years,  show a woeful ignorance of our history.  I know, I know–not all of them.  But too many.  College students who have no idea  who George Washington was or  what war he fought?  They all know all the top rockers, movie stars, and fashion gurus. I mean, they’re actually bringing their parents to job interviews with them!  Demanding all the perks of a long-time employee, and actually getting them!  Well, they’ve been taught over and over that they’re wonderful just the way they are, so why not demand the privileges of much more experienced people?

Biblical holiness has been largely dumbed down by our culture.  If it isn’t fun, emotional, an exhilarating experience, people want no part of it.  God’s Word has never promised us that the Christian life would be like an amusement park ride!   Why do we think it should be?

Look, life can be really hard.  I know a young woman, not yet 40, whose husband died unexpectedly, leaving her with two preteens and a baby.  That’s hard, but she’s dealing.  She’s not asking for handouts. She’s working, and working hard. I respect that.  She’s going to be okay, because she’s choosing to be okay–and her trust, faith, and confidence come from God. Not society, not her mommy and daddy, not  from the government.

In case you haven’t been paying attention, folks, our government (under Mr. Obama) is much more interested in giving handouts to illegals than it is in protecting us from them. There’s not much help in the government.

Okay, I could go on a long time here.  I’m not really sure I have an endpoint, so I’d probably better stop.

I will end with this:  My trust is in the Lord, not in any man, woman, government, program, or entitlement.






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