Prepare your Feet

Ephesians 6:15. “And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace.”


Paul knew very well how Roman soldiers dressed. He had plenty of prison time to observe the details of their uniforms, and he applied that knowledge in a wonderful object lesson in this passage.

When we go to war, we need to protect and  fortify our feet.  Cleats on the bottoms help the soldier to dig in and stand firm.  A leather piece up the back protects the achilles tendon, and the toes are also covered.

The preparation of the gospel of peace.  Isn’t that an interesting phrase?  There is some controversy over the exact translation, because this Greek word for preparation is not used anywhere else in the Bible.  There are no grounds for comparison.

I’m going to go with the interpretation that seems to make the most sense to me:  We need to be prepared for battle, and we need to know the gospel, and be ready to offer the gospel, wherever we go.  It is the gospel, after all, that brings true peace.  The idea of protection of the feet with the Word of God is completely consistent with all the other armor.

I read through some other erudite explanations of this phrase, and they all made some sense.  However, they also seemed to be making much more out of this homely item, a battle shoe, than Paul probably intended.  We’ll know when we get to heaven 🙂

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