Ephesians 6:4. “And ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.”

As Paul continues his instructions concerning marriage and the home,  he writes this verse to fathers.  I have seen families in which the father takes his role as head of the home to the point of creating such anger in his children that there is no hope of his being able to do the “nurture and admonition” part.

As in everything else, balance is the key. Fathers, if your children are constantly angry with  you, hurt, intimidated, fearful, hesitant–you are doing something wrong.  You are focusing so much on the “I’m the boss” part of your job that you are completely missing the nurturing, the teaching and training in the Lord.

The mother is not the only nurturing parent. How I wish that fathers could see the pain they’ve caused in their adult children through their lack of nurturing; through their lack of presence except to discipline; through their selfish determination that the child is ALWAYS to be seen and not heard.  Harsh, critical, constantly correcting fathers  end up with angry, hurt, distant children.

Don’t do that. You have such a special place of leadership in the life of your child. He will always remember your words IF he also remembers that you were not just a father, but a daddy.

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