A Mystery

Ephesians 5:32. “This is a great mystery: but I speak concerning Christ and the church.”

A lot of men think women are the great mystery 🙂  While I’m sure it’s true that men and women are a mystery to each other at times, that is not the meaning here.

The word mystery used here denotes a sacred secret never mentioned in the Old Testament, but fully revealed in the New Testament. It is that relationship between Christ and the church, the Bridegroom and the bride, the Head and the body.

This sacred secret explains why marriage is sacred–because of what it represents. It is the earthly picture of the heavenly relationship of Jesus and His bride. It is a relationship that was not intended ever to be broken. Marriage is NOT “just a piece of paper.”  It is a solemn promise made before God and man that two people will love, honor, and respect each other until death parts them.

Just as there was suffering and pain on Jesus’ part for the sake of His bride, so there will be suffering and pain as a marriage is built.  It is no easy task for two independent, opinionated (we’re all opinionated, you know) people to set themselves aside while they become one body, one flesh. Marriage is a process, not an event. The wedding is the event. Marriage is a lifetime covenant.

In my professional capacity, I’ve sometimes had to help  people through a divorce. I can tell you that it is always  heartbreaking; always difficult. There is no easy way through such a process, and it produces grieving because it is the death of the dreams and hopes that the couple had in the beginning.

God never intended it to be so. He allowed divorce because He understands the hardness of the human heart, but it breaks the sacred symbolism of Christ and the church, and it grieves the heart of God.

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