One Flesh

Ephesians 5: 31. “For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh.”


I really like this graphic. It illustrates the importance of the principles in Ephesians 5 concerning marriage, added to the godly woman portrayed in Proverbs 31. and sealed by the definition of love in I Cor. 13. Perfect recipe!

The importance of the one-flesh principle cannot be overstated.  First, it represents Christ and His bride, the church.

And second, it describes perfectly what marriage was meant to be. One flesh, joined in everything.  Making decisions together, sharing their love, sharing the responsibilities of the home, sharing childrearing, sharing possessions, sharing faith.

I talked with someone last week who described to me the lamentable practice that a lot of couples  use these days:  He has his money to do with as he likes, after he agrees to pay “his share” of the bills.  She also works outside the home, and has her money after paying “her share” of the bills.

Since, after the first two years of marriage, money is the number one cause of divorce, it seems to me that a better system should be used. Terry and I have never looked at our finances as MY money or HIS money.  It is OUR money, because we are one. We operate as a unit. What we both contribute to the finances goes into a single account, to which we both have access.  I am the designated bill payer because I’m more organized than he is. Neither of us makes a sizable purchase without checking with the other first. It’s not a matter of permission; it is a matter of operating as a unit instead of two separate individuals who happen to occupy the same house.

The same practice applies in every area of our lives. We operate together. Our kids knew they couldn’t do an end run around one of us to get to the other. They knew we would discuss everything they asked us for, and that our decision would be mutual.  We did our best to support each other in matters of discipline and training.

Most important, we share our faith. It is mutually important to us. Terry has always had the leadership role in instructing our kids in biblical matters, always deferring to me if I had something to say.

One flesh.  One mind, one body, one goal, one faith, one love. That bond is broken only by death.


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