One Body

Ephesians 5:30. “For we are members of His body, of His flesh, and of His bones.”

Just as the church, the Bride, is one body with Christ, so is the woman one body with her husband. I believe that if we could get hold of just this one principle, it would change our marriages; it would also change our churches.

When husbands mistreat their wives, they are mistreating themselves.

When members of Christ’s body fight and demean one another, we are hurting the Body of Christ.

It’s that one-flesh principle again. There are going to be times when we disagree. That’s unavoidable, because we are human and imperfect.  However, the manner in which we disagree can be changed dramatically so that we learn to speak the truth in love.  Even when there must be a breaking of fellowship because of wrong teaching, it can still be done in a Christlike manner that does not involve name-calling and bitter words.

I do a lot of marital counseling. I’ve heard some pretty bitter exchanges in my office, and I can only imagine how those couples treat each other in the privacy of their home.  If only they would understand that they are one! Getting hold of this principle would radically reduce my caseload!

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