A Significant Day

Tomorrow, May 8, is both Mother’s Day and Terry’s  birthday.  He’ll be 73.  Mom has been in heaven for nearly four years now, but I don’t think she’s counting 🙂  I miss her, always will, but there won’t be terribly many more years before I’ll see her again.  Twenty?  Thirty?  Who knows.  What matters, I think, is how we spend the years we have left.

I’m not going to go all mushy and romantic about my husband, because it would embarrass him to death. I don’t write private love letters to a public audience.

I do, however, want to say a few thing relating to the last sentence of my first paragraph.

Terry has spent his years well.  He may disagree, because he’s very hard on himself. However, consider this:  Four years ago, he smashed his left heel bone in a fall. He has been in constant pain ever since.  He’s had a serious back condition, and he had the shingles.  Shingles like to hang around a long time after the rash has cleared up. The condition likes to claw at you now and then, just to remind you it’s there.

Terry retired a couple of years ago, much against his will, because he finally accepted the fact that his body has changed. He just can’t do an 8-10 hour day now without stopping to rest. This is hard on him, because he loves to work.

He always has projects.  He has not given up.  He doesn’t spend his time lamenting over “back when I was a young man, I could. . . .”   He still works.  He stays as busy as his strength will allow, and right now he’s downtown gathering up some materials for some kind of project going on outside.

He loves it when the weather  makes it possible for him to be outdoors. He disappears in late winter and comes back in during late fall or early winter, depending on the weather. Oh, he comes in to eat and sleep and so on, but he loves being outdoors more than anything.  He’s working on yard stuff, outdoor house maintenance, all sorts of things.

The biggest thing, though, and the most important, is that since he retired he spends hours reading his Bible. He has the time now.  He studies, he prays, he’s learning and growing and loving it.  He’s never liked to read.  He has severe vision loss, and I’m convinced he also had ADD and possibly dyslexia that was not recognized or understood back in his elementary years. Typical of many who have these learning disabilities, he’s  very gifted mechanically. It amazes me what he is capable of doing with his hands. So to see him sitting (not his favorite position) and reading (not his favorite activity) for so many hours is rather amazing to me.  It is time well spent.

And that’s what matters.



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