Wake Up!

Ephesians 5:14. “Wherefore He saith, Awake, thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light.”

Now and then, a passage seems a bit obscure in its reference. This verse falls into that category.  I’ve read several commentaries, and the general consensus is that we just don’t know for sure what the source of  this apparent quote is. The closest we can come is Isaiah 60:1-3, yet it doesn’t compare in context.

Most Bible commentators agree that while the source is obscure, the meaning is not. Believers can become lethargic, and we can fall asleep on the job. We can sleep so soundly, in fact, that we may as well be dead.  What Paul is saying here is a call to action; to get up from our comfortable beds and take up the battle for righteousness instead of sleeping as soundly as a dead man. Christ will give us the light (understanding) that we need to fight the good fight.

I believe this verse has never been more applicable to my beloved country than it is today. Of course it is a personal call to action, but it is also a call to believers everywhere to wake up, get up, stand up, speak up.  Why are we now facing the reality, for instance, of “transgendered” bathrooms?  Why, it’s because we have accepted, as a nation, the rest of the agenda of those who deny the validity of the Bible, and we don’t have a platform to stand on!  If I had a little girl or boy, they would never be allowed to enter a public restroom alone any more. We are going to have to be more vigilant than ever to protect the innocence and purity of our children.

This is just one example. Our freedoms are being pecked away little by little. The attack on our Constitution is being led by the White House. We need to wake up!

Indeed, we need to wake up. We’ve been asleep while the enemies of godliness have been awake and busy.


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