Prove the Yeast

Ephesians 5:9. “Proving  what is acceptable unto the Lord.”

This is a homey illustration for our verse today.  “Proving the yeast” is a term you won’t  hear much unless you bake bread at home.  Dry yeast can go stale and lose its goodness. If you use old yeast, the bread won’t rise and you’ll wish you had tested your yeast before you started the bread-making process.  To prove  in this context is to test or examine closely.” To prove the yeast, you sprinkle it over a bowl or cup of warm water. Sprinkle in a teaspoon of sugar and wait a few minutes.  Good yeast will bubble and froth, and you’ll know it’s safe to use.  Dead yeast will just sit there, doing nothing.  It’s useless.

So how do we prove, or test, what is acceptable to the Lord?

We examine it in the light of scrpture, and we compare it to what we know about the character of God. God is all righteousness.  He is pure, holy, and without fault. If the thing we are considering doing doesn’t meet those standards, then it is better to avoid it.

Instead, we are likely to say, “Well, I don’t see anything wrong with this. After all, the Bible never says we can’t. . . . . . .”  and then you fill in the blank with whatever it is you are wanting to do but for some reason you are hesitating and trying to find justification for doing it.

You know what?  If you have to build justification; if you have to create an argument for why there’s nothing wrong with it; if you are defensive about it to your Christian friends?  Then I’m thinking you should leave it alone.

We can’t move ahead on the basis of “I see nothing wrong with it.” What I see cannot be compared equally with what God sees.

Prove the yeast.  Sprinkle your proposed activity with a little scripture, and wait a few minutes to see if it reacts.  Pray while you wait.  Ask God to show you His desire, and not your own.

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