Call it What it Is!

Ephesians 4: 27. “Neither give place to the devil.”

Verse 27 is the capstone to verse 26.  When we sin in our anger, when we carry wrath from one day to the next, we are giving Satan a foothold in our minds and hearts.

By the way,  why has it become popular to refer to Satan as “The Enemy” and never call him by his name?  It’s not wrong to call him The Enemy, but it seems to me that it’s  an avoidance of naming him and identifying him clearly, and I’m curious as to how and why this came about.  Is it related to our tendency to use euphemisms instead of the word sin?  We say  mistake or poor choice when what we’re really talking about is sin.

Why are we afraid to call it what it is?  Sin, Satan, the Devil—those are strong, clear words that I don’t believe we should soften or sidestep.


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