Not My Normal Post

This is way out of my normal topics here on this blog.  I’ve debated about whether or not to do it, and I hope I won’t be sorry.  I will tell you ahead of time that I will not allow any comments that are vulgar, profane, or hateful.  You may disagree, and that’s fine.  Just please be civil.

Which is part of my issue this morning.  Mr. Trump is one of the most uncivil “political” candidates ever to debase the process of electing an American President.  He’s a bully, and I am truly tired of his constant name-calling. He’s especially unkind to Jeb Bush, who is not my favorite candidate by a long shot. Still, there is no excuse for the vitriol that Trump spews against him and his family whenever he gets the opportunity–or, rather, MAKES the opportunity.  He’s rude.  He interrupts and then won’t concede the platform.

Do we really want a President who has made his billions in real estate?  Who owns the land upon which casinos practice their trade?  Don’t we understand that all sorts of evil attaches to casinos?  Mr. Trump is no Sunday school teacher, not that  the President needs to be one.

He has made some weak claims to Christianity, but when he tried to use a biblical reference at Liberty University, he clearly didn’t have a clue what he was talking about.  He told an interviewer that he doesn’t need to ask forgiveness;  if he ever “makes a mistake,” he just fixes it.  Apparently, this is a man who, in his own eyes, does no wrong. I think that’s dangerous. We’ve already suffered nearly eight years with an arrogant, lawless President who uses his pen and his phone to get his way, regardless of our Constitution. Why do we think Trump would be any different?

I am saddened that so many believers are supporting a megalomaniac who has no sense of his own wrongdoing.

So why is he popular?  That’s pretty easy.  He’s pushing the buttons that most true conservatives respond to. We don’t want to be invaded by illegal immigrants.  We don’t want ISIS  here. We don’t want more spending, more taxes, more entitlements. We want a strong military that is not hampered by silly rules about having to get permission to shoot when the enemy is in the crosshairs.   Trump is promising to make America great again, and that appeals to all of us who remember when everyone in the world wanted to come here because here, they could be free and safe from tyranny.

And they could get good medical care without waiting for years to have necessary surgeries.

Those were the good old days.

My personal opinion is that Mr. Trump would be just as guilty as Obama has been of flouting Congress, ignoring the rule of law and doing exactly as he pleases to achieve his goals.  Obama promised us hope and change, and he didn’t try to hide that he wanted to “fundamentally change America.”  He’s achieved a lot of that. Trump is promising grandiose things as well.  Making America great again sounds wonderful, but Trump is used to doing whatever he wants, with no restraint.

I don’t want that kind of President.  I don’t want a man who shows no respect for his fellow candidates, who bullies and calls names and tells them to be quiet.

You know, I went looking for a video of Trump calling Bush names.  Do you know what came  up on Google when I typed that into the search bar?  Just the opposite!  A whole page of “Bush Attacks Trump” articles.  So I tried it with different words, and got pretty much the same results.

I think that’s just a little bit strange.

6 thoughts on “Not My Normal Post

  1. I couldn’t agree more! I’m baffled by Christians’ support for him! I don’t necessarily think our President needs to be a Christian (Jimmy Carter was a great Christian, not so great President); but I absolutely believe our President should be a man of integrity! Trump is NOT that man!

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    1. Yes. Someone has said that we’re not electing a pastor, but a President. True. Many of our Presidents have claimed to be born-again Christians, but as you said, that doesn’t automatically mean they’re great Presidents. I prefer a believer, but if someone else is more qualified, then he gets my vote.


  2. Anna

    I agree with you completely. The only thing Mr. Trump is good at is making deals. Deals that benefit himself only. He has no experience in military matters, and our military needs completely rebuilt after all that Obama has done to destroy it. He has no experience in fixing the mess that we are calling Obamacare. If you research his past history, he has supported and agreed with the liberal agenda more than not. I fear he will get in there and do exactly what he wants and for his own benefit, just more obama only worse. I, too, would prefer a Christian president who stands on Godly morals and values. I personally am leaning toward Ted Cruz more because he is a Constitutionalist. I am praying born again children of God will listen to that still small voice from our Lord and get out and vote for who He shows us will do the best. None of them are perfect, not going to find that in this world, but I believe there is one or two that would do 100% better than what we have now and what we will have if the libs stay in power.

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