Perfecting of the Saints

Ephesians 4:12. “For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ;”


There were specific reasons for the spiritual gifts that Christ gave. They were not to be used for personal gain, for promoting one’s own ministry. The were to be used for:

The perfecting of the saints:  That is, to help bring about spiritual maturity, especially in a time when persecution was ramping up. Believers were going to need that maturity in order to face whatever they needed to face.

The work of the ministry:   Being in ministry is both a wonderful blessing and privilege as well as a taxing, challenging, and sometimes draining thing.If one is not truly gifted for ministry, it is a mistake to attempt it. Thank God for the empowering of the Holy Spirit to those who are called to this task.

The edifying of the body of Christ:  To edify is to instruct or improve someone morally or intellectually. Synonyms include educate, instruct, teach, school, tutor, train, guide. Those who are gifted with teaching have a great responsibility, one not to be taken lightly.

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