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It’s Friday, but my usual Friday Counseling Issues post didn’t happen.  Several things going on.  For one, my PC is on the fritz, and I usually do my blog posts there.  Second, I had a doctor’s appointment at 8:45 this morning.  And very good news!  My A1C has come down from a high of 8.9  to 7.5 to 7.1, held there for about six months, and today it’s at 6.7!

Yay, Me!  I’ve been tracking carbs since early October.  I’ve lost 17 pounds.  Also, I started swimming in October, and I’m doing 25 laps now.  A mile is 33 laps. So my doc is very pleased with me, and I’m feeling pretty good.

At one this afternoon, I had a class I’m teaching on research papers.  Twelve really nice kids who are all homeschooled, and they’re all doing a great job.  On my way home  I stopped at my daughter’s, then made a quick Walmart run. So my normal Friday wasn’t so normal.

It’s snowing, a big storm that’s supposed to last all day tomorrow.  Chicken Little is alive and well.  People get so churned  up, partly because the news scares you half to death with all their dire predictions.  A little common sense goes a long way, so batten down the hatches and enjoy taking a day off, if you can.  If you are  an “essential person” like an EMT, medical staff, and so on, then my prayers are with you as you drive back and forth.  I am thankful for you, for the truck drivers that keep the road cleared, for the law enforcement people who don’t get the day off.

And now I’m done.  Good night 🙂

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stopped at my daughter’s, then did a quick Walmart stop.  So my normal Friday wasn’t normal 🙂067_chickenlittle


There’s a huge snowstorm coming our way, and Chicken Little is alive and well up and down the east coast.  The sky indeed would seem to be falling.  Frankly, I see it as a great opportunity to train in and secure for a day or two.  It’s supposed to snow all day tomorrow.  Maybe I’ll get back on track with the blogging, but not tonight.  I feel a very relaxing evening tonight, and a nice quiet day tomorrow.


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