First Snow

At seven tonight, I was saying goodbye to my client, a young high school girl.  I went back into my office, only to hear shrieks and screams and a babble of voices coming up the stairs.  Certain that we were being attacked my space aliens, I poked my head out my door. My client and two other young women were looking out the windows into the parking lot, where they had noticed with great shock that it was SNOWING!

It was no big deal, really, but there was a light covering on the cars in the parking lot. Clients coming in for their 7 p.m. appointments were commenting how slippery it was, and that traffic was moving very slowly.

You have to understand something about the snow here in my corner of PA.  It’s wet. The temp was one degree below freezing, perfect for the wet, slickery stuff we get here. Makes great snowballs if you can get enough scraped together to make one.

I grew up in Minnesota, where the snow was typically dry and crunchy, and not nearly as dangerous to drive in as the stuff out here can be. So I was a little nervous about having another two hours before I could head for home.

Then my secretary told me my 7 o’clock had just called to cancel, so I suggested she call my 8 o’clock to see if she was planning to come.  Fifteen minutes later, my secretary informed me that I was done for the day. I called Terry to let him know I’d be on the road, and went out to clean the snow off my windows.  It was actually soft, powdery stuff, just took me a few minutes to clear.

Traffic really was moving at a snail’s pace.  Usually, it’s a ten minute drive from my office to my house.  Tonight, it took nearly half an hour.   People are just really nervous about snow here, and with good reason. Sometimes there are more cars off in the ditches than there are on the pavement!

Tonight, however, everyone was keeping a good extra distance between cars, and traffic moved steadily if unusually slowly, and it after 20-25 minutes I was turning onto our road. There’s a sharp “ess-curve” about a mile from the house, and when I touched my brakes, I felt the back end swish out the wrong way.  Tapped again a couple of times, the tires took hold, and all was well.   Sure was a relief to pull into my driveway.

That may be the most excitement we get all winter—or it may be the beginning of a boatload of snow. You just never know out here.


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