Access to God

Ephesians  2:18. “For through Him we both have access  by one Spirit unto the Father.”


The first thing that strikes me about this verse is the clear teaching of the Trinity.  Through Him (Jesus, the Son) we have access to God (the Father) through the Spirit (the Holy Spirit). Some people like to deny the Trinity, saying that it is never mentioned in the Bible. While the word itself is not used, the three  persons of the Godhead are often  mentioned throughout scripture. This is one example.

Through Jesus, we both have access. Who is the “both” in this verse?  Like the previous verse, it is  a reference to both the Jew and the Gentile.

The word access here is prosagogemeaning the privilege of entrance.

It is through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the Son, by the power of the Spirit, that Jew and Gentile alike have the privilege of entrance into the very presence of God.

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