Christmas Break

The house is full and there’s lots of laughing going on.  Not right at the moment.  Two of my sons and their families took off around 9:30 this morning to spend some time in Philly.  They want their kids to see the Wanamaker organ; they want them to see all the historic sites that they may have been too young to really remember the last time they were here.  It’s a fairly balmy December day, so they should have a great time.


Tonight, they’ll be back for supper, along with my daughter and her family just a half-hour away from us.  Also, a couple we’ve known for over 40 years will be joining us so they can see everyone.

You know, every time we have a gathering like this, we become more keenly aware that it could be the last one before we all get to heaven.  Terry and I are no longer spring chickens 🙂  So we are grateful to have them home for this Christmas.  We miss the one who’s in California and unable to be with us this year.

Christmas, of course, is primarily about the birth of Jesus;  I believe it is also about the importance of family and friends.  Jesus was born into an earthly family, and grew up with brothers and sisters.  There were friends there at His birth, as the shepherds came to worship Him.  Later, the thre Magi from the east brought Him gifts befitting royalty.  People were always the center of His life and ministry.  It’s a good example for all of us.

So while we enjoy the fun, food, and fellowship; the gifts and laughter as we dust off old memories, we will also be honoring the One for Whom this is all about.

I hope the same is true for all of you.

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