Friday Counseling Issues: Psycholabels–Bipolar

Have you ever been in a bad mood?  A good mood?  Elated?  Discouraged?  Better watch out, someone’s going to paste a “Bipolar” label on you! And if you should have the temerity to experience all those moods in one day,  you’re really  in danger of being name-called.

I find the use of “Bipolar” to be particularly offensive, because Bipolar Disorder is not something anyone would want to have.  It’s difficult to experience, difficult for family members.  Difficult to medicate correctly, because everyone’s chemistry is different from everyne else’s, and there is no “one-size-fits-all” medicine for Bipolar Disorder.

Being Bipolar is also terribly stigmatized, especially in some Christian circles, as nothing more than demon possession.  To accuse anyone of demon possession is pretty serious to begin with, and should never be taken lightly. To throw that accusation at someone who happens to be in a very bad mood or a very good mood is just silly.

Some people are, by nature, very calm.  They don’t show much outward expression of their inner emotions, and that’s fine.  I’m happy for them. It’s who they are.  Not all of us are like that, though, and some people are very expressive.  If they are sad, you know it.  If they’re angry, hurt, discouraged, or very happy, you know that too. These are all normal human emotions, and they don’t indicate any psychological disorders.

Before you’re tempted to call someone Bipolar, I hope you’ll do some research to find out exactly what that disorder involves. You can start here, and I really hope you will.  Bipolar is no fun, and no one would ever choose it.


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