The Hope of His Calling

Ephesians 1:18. “The eyes of your understanding being enlightened:  that ye may know what is the hope of His calling, and what the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints, ”

Again, this verse can correctly be translated as “the eyes of your heart”  be enlightened. To be enlightened is to gain understanding, to gain wisdom.  It goes far beyond intellectual knowledge.  Many people can quote scripture, and yet the eyes of their hearts have not been enlightened. They dwell on the  “thou shalts” and “thou shalt nots”  and never see the grace, and the deep love of Jesus.  When our hearts are enlightened, it changes our spirits and our thinking, and then our behavior. To be like Jesus is to gain a biblical balance between  standards, convictions based on God’s Word, our own desire to police others, and the grace that God so abundantly gives us in spite of ourselves.  I’m not talking about giving unconditional approval to sin.  I’m talking about realizing that we don’t understand our own propensity to sin, and being careful of harsh judgment on others whether they are believers or not.

What is “the hope of His calling?  it is being blessed with all spiritual belssings in heavenly places in Christ. Someday we shall see Him as He is, and we will be like Him.  We often talk of our eagerness to be reunited with loved ones who have already entered the glories of heaven, and I believe that will be one of the blessings of heaven.  Far greater than that, though is that we will at last see Jesus, and we will spend eternity in the presence of God.  I am reminded of Fanny Crosby’s wonderful song, “I Want to See My Savior First of All.”

Also, we will appreciate the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints. We enjoy the riches of His grace now; later, we will enter into and enjoy the riches of His glory.  Jesus will take possession of the riches of His inheritance, through His saints. It is His inheritance in us, through us, the Bride of Christ.


2 thoughts on “The Hope of His Calling

  1. So in agreement with your post this morning! I have been praying for God to “take off the blinders” and let me see things that only He can show me! I need Him to reveal His wisdom to me through the scriptures, things that I cannot understand on my own! Thanks for sharing.

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