Wisdom and Prudence

Ephesians 1:8. “Wherein He hath abounded toward us in all wisdom and prudence:”

Abounded.  Abundant.  Full to the brim and flowing over the top, with no end in sight. God loves lavishly; He gives us wisdom and prudence.   He lavishes the wisdom of His Word on us, and through it, and the blessing of the Holy Spirit, we can also abound in wisdom and understanding, prudence, insight.

Do you know someone who just seems to have a deep understanding of the Word, and who can always point you to a principle or an answer to your question?  That person has tapped into the abundance of God’s wisdom and prudence.  There is no problem for which God’s Word cannot provide direction.  It is the Word of God!

In all the ages that have passed since the first book of the Bible was written (that would be the book of Job, by the way)  evil, godless people have done their best to destroy it.  What they don’t understand is that God, and His Word, can never be destroyed. Never.  It may be suppressed in some times and places, and that effort is being made in my beloved America today.

It’s not going to prevail, not forever.  God’s Word has stood the test of time, and it always will.  It is the basis of our faith, and it will not be destroyed. God’s wisdom and prudence abound to us through His Word.  It is the best treasure anyone could ever have.

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