Crucify the Flesh

Galatians 5:24. “And they that are Christ’s have crucified the flesh with the affections and lusts.”

The Bible doesn’t say here that we MAY, or SHOULD, or COULD crucify the flesh. It says that we who are Christ’s HAVE crucified the flesh, with all of its desires and lusts.  When a person comes to Jesus in repentance and seeks forgiveness for that in his heart which leads him to sin, then he is accepting THE crucified and risen- again Savior.

I’m sure I’ve said this in other posts, but it bears repeating. There are several words that come from the same root word as crucify. They include crucifix, cruciform, and excruciating. That last word is one we use to describe unimaginable pain.  It literally translates “out of the cross.”

Crucifixion was a horrible death. It took a long time; it exposed the victim to the eyes of all passers-by; it was humiliating. And the pain grew worse with each passing hour as the victim slowly suffocated; as his lacerated body rubbed against the rough wood of the cross; as he grew faint from loss of blood and his joints bore his weight.

It is painful for us, weak as we are, to crucify our flesh.  We want what we want.  But when we choose to obey Christ, to walk in the Spirit, then  our battle with the pain of giving up our own way grows easier with every passing day.

Here’s an old gospel song that I love:

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