A Little Leaven

Galatians 5:8-9. “This persuasion cometh not of Him that calleth you. A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump.”

I’ve baked bread for years, and I had to laugh at this picture.  This is what happens when you forget about your bread dough on a hot summer day. It grows and over-runs the container, and it has to be scooped up, punched down, and allowed to rise again  before it can be baked.  It’s useless in this condition.

Leaven, or yeast, is always a picture or type of sin in the Bible. It takes only a little bit, maybe a tablespoon, to leaven six to eight cups of flour. Sin can seem like a small thing, but it gets mixed into the whole of one’s life and affects every part.

Paul had asked the Galatian Christians, in v. 7, who had influenced them with wrong teaching. It surely wasn’t God! The teaching was incorrect, and had affected them so that they were out of control, just like the dough in the picture above. Just as the dough in that picture is useless until it is reworked, so the Galatian believers were useless until they recognized the false teaching that was causing them to fall away from the truth.


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