Computer Woes

It’s been quite a day.

On Saturday, I decided to spend some time cleaning up the junk that accummulates on my computer.  Felt good to throw out things I haven’t used in a while, knowing I was freeing up space and, hopefully, my tired old machine would run faster. I shut it down before I went to bed, feeling just about as good as you do when you’ve cleaned out a totally messy closet.

Sunday morning, I switched it on and booted up as usual, but I had no internet. Bother.  Had to go to church, so I figured I’d look at it and get it fixed later in the day.  In the meantime, I couldn’t use it, couldn’t use my laptop, ang had no internet on my iPhone.

Now, that doesn’t seem like such a big deal if you aren’t used to internet use daily, but I felt like I was limping along on just one foot 🙂

In the afternoon, I rebooted, expecting to see the little blue wheel showing me I was online.  No such luck.   Couldn’t call my ISP. It was Sunday, after all.  But I had an idea what the problem may be, so I drove up to Staples to chat with the ever-helpful tech guys up there.  Told him some of the symptoms, and he said I shoud make sure my router was co.mmunicating with my computer.

It wasn’t.  As a matter of fact, it was graveyard dead.  So, ok.  No internet for me until this morning, right?  Because I wasn’t going back out to buy one.  What was really bugging me was that I couldn’t check email, couldn’t check Facebook, all those important things that keep my life interesting. Mostly I just don’t like not being connected.

So I went and bought what I needed, got it home, and realized it wasn’t the right one. Bother.  Back to the store.  They didn’t have what I needed.

By this time I was ready to throw the whole mess out the second-story window. Terry gallantly offered to go to a different store, and he brought back what I needed.  Took forever to get it all set up, because my DSL provider had assigned me a different user name and password than the one I had recorded.  Once we figured that out, things went swimmingly and I am now back online. Connected to my laptop and my phone. Working.

Can you believe it took an entire DAY!

I am so impatient.  Like the dude who stood in front of the microwave, tapping his fingers on the counter and saying “Hurry up!”  Just about lost my sanctification a time or two while we getting all hooked up.  (That’s a joke, folks, don’t panic .)

I can tell you I’ve never, ever been so glad to see the little blue disc by the two little monitors that shows me I’m online.

Things should be back to normal tomorrow.  I hope.


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