Monday, July 13

Well.  Here we are in the hotel room, Leah and I.  It’s the Hilton Budapest, and it’s very, very  nice.  Air conditioning. Ahhhh.

I met Maria and her delightful parents shortly after we arrived in Budapest. We went for lunch at, of all places, T.G.I. Friday 🙂  Sat there for over three hours, just getting to know one another.  It’s amazing to meet them when we live so far away, and I loved being with Maria again.   She is a bright, kind, generous girl and we love her very much.

Back to the hotel after goodbyes, and then off to dinner with David’s relatives.  They took us to a Hungarian restaurant on the Danube, outside on a porch looking over the river.  Beautiful. The food was also beautiful.  And we could see the main buildings of the government, and the churches, from where we ate.  We drove around the city after supper when the buildings and the bridge were all lit up. It’s like a fairy tale place, only better because you’re there and you know it’s real!

Our flight leaves around 9 tomorrow morning.  By this time tomorrow, we should be in Newark boarding the bus for the drive back to the church.

It will be good to be home.

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