Sunday, July 12

It’s 7:36 p.m.  I think I’m in for the night.  Just came back from our final meal at the church with some of the young people and several team members.

This morning’s service was just wonderful.  We had a full house, and to top it off there were two full rows of gypsies who had promised many times that they would come, and today they finally did!  They wanted pictures with those of us who were out there last Sunday night.  I hope someone from the team sends me a couple of those.

Dave Arcuri and I were appointed to give testimonies before Pastor Spears preached. A big buffet meal, lots of hugs and goodbyes.  I already have some new friends on my Facebook page, and I hope there will be more.

There is a nice little park nearby. Pastor Bohdan took the family and me there, and we enjoyed some peace and quiet. Then we took some time to watch a football game (known to us as soccer) with our guys and the Slovaks.  Well, not just guys.  Leah played, too.  Brave girl 🙂

So now I have to pack and get ready for the drive to Budapest tomorrow.  I’m very excited to get there, because I’m going to see Dan’s girlfriend, Maria, and will meet her parents for the first time.  Really looking forward to that.  Then, Tuesday, early, we’ll board our flight to Munich and then to America.

Land that I love.


8 thoughts on “Sunday, July 12

  1. Debra Connors

    I really enjoyed reading about your trip. Can’t wait to hear more from you when you get back. Enjoy your time with Maria and her family. Miss you! Will pray for a safe trip home.

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    1. I just got back to our hotel room from spending three hours with Maria and her parents. Wonderful people. In a few minutes I’ll meet the rest of our group in the lobby to go to a Hungarian resaurant for dinner. Hoo boy. More food 🙂


      1. Yes, a mission trip mostly to help them in renovation and construction of their church building. I was privileged to speak to the women twice, and to speak to several people privately in a counseling capacity.


  2. Sounds as if this has been an adventure with lots of benefits. Have safe travels home. I don’t care much for flying. Whenever Bob was out of country, he said the best thing he loved seeing back in the States was the American flag. Even though he may have been miles and miles from the family yet, he felt he was “home” when he saw the flag.

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