Saturday, July 11

1:30 p.m.

We’re nearly finished.  We had the final session of the conference this morning.  Dave Leinbach spoke on the importance of evangelism. We went from there to discussion groups. To my great chagrin, I could hardly keep my eyes open. Quiet room, comfortable chair, soft-spoken people.  The translator leaned over once and asked me if I was ok. She had seen me nearly fall out of my chair, I guess.  How embarrassing.  We all got a good laugh out of it, but good grief!

Back to church to wrap  up the conference and have a quick lunch. The rest of the team and several young people were scheduled to go on a hike at a large lake, and I questioned  the wisdom of my going  along with them. Pastor Bohdan very kindly and tactfully told me that he felt the trip would not be best for me; instead, he and the family invited me to spend the afternoon with them on a tour of the downtown area, most of which will be by car. With a broad grin, he suggested I might like a little nap before we leave.

I did. And now I’m waiting for everyone to gather.  I suspect Bohdan may be taking a nap of his own 🙂

So we spent a couple of hours in what they call the Centrum, the center of town, where there are still some pretty old buildings as well as some new ones.  Bohdan pointed out  buildings that were post-socialism as well as those that remain from that era, which are all gray.  Also some beautiful old buildings.  I have a few pics, but still can’t figure out how to make all that work over here, so it will have to wait until I get home.

To end our stroll, we went to a shop called “The Chocolatier.”  I ordered a cup of cherry chocolate, dark, no alcohol. It came with a little bowl of whipped cream and a little bowl of water to drink when you finish the chocolate.  It’s very rich, very thick, very delicious. We sat under an awning outside the cafe, with a cool breeze blowing and the sun warming us. It was a highlight for me.  I felt very much at home. Chocolate. Ambrosia 🙂

When we returend home, Bohdan got out his cello and did some warming up.  I’d asked him if he would play in church tomorrow, and I hope that he will.  He’s a very gifted man, a great pleasure to talk with and to fellowship with in the Lord.

The team had been invited for yet another cookout, this time on a much bigger lake. Again, wonderful food, wonderful hospitality.  These people really know how to make you feel welcome.

You can read about this place online.  Look up “Morske Oko.”

So I went to thank the host and hostess and was showered with hugs and cheek kisses and an invitation to stay with them next time I come.  They also handed me a gift bag of mementos of our visit to Michalovce–cards, maps, many pictures. Beautiful place.

I got home early tonight–just after 8 p.m., and I’m glad for that.  I need an early bedtime tonight so I’m fit for human consumption tomorrow.  I feel it’s going to be quite an emotional day as we say goodbye to these people who have treated us with so much love.

I need to make a correction.  We were not at Morske Oko, although I would love to see it.  We were at Zemplinska Sirava, or “The Slovak Sea.”  And that’s how you can google it.

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