Thursday, July 9

The day was fairly quiet for me.  The men worked hard to finish pouring a cement floor in the upstairs part of the church, where there are several new rooms being created.  They were all thankful that  the weather is much cooler–mid to high ’70’s.  Leah was doing a lot of painting and got a little woozy from the fumes, and we all told her, “No more painting!”

I spent some time with Eva, the pastor’s oldest girl.  She has very long blonde hair, and I wanted to put it in a waterfall braid for her.  Couldn’t get it right, and she was being very patient.  Finally gave up and did a basic French braid with the end tucked up underneath.  She seemed to like that.

In the afternoon, most of us were resting in anticipation of the evening service.  Marianna and I took a walk with the kids. There’s a nice little river about two blocks from their house, and it was calm, cool, breezy–just beautiful. Marianna told me about a friend who said she would like to talk with me, so we’re going to try to set that up.  Also, she has a friend from a nearby town who would like me to come and speak to the women in her church like I did here on Tuesday night. Don’t know if that’s going to work out or not, so please pray with me that God will make a way for it to happen.

Supper at church was basically pork and sauerkraut, and it was to die for!  My word, these women can cook!

The conference started at six.  I’m not sure, but I would guess maybe 50 people were there. Pastor Spears was the main speaker. He talked about salvation, forgiveness, the importance of living a godly life. After his message, we split into discussion groups where people could ask questions.  One of the women in our group wanted to know how to tell her friend about the meaning of birth by water and birth by the Holy Spirit.  That led to a lively discussion about the reality of hell.  I know, big jump, but these things happen 🙂  We reconvened then to share what each group discussed, and then we finished for the night.

A young woman came to thank me for something I said during the discussion group, and of course we talked for some time after the meeting was over.  We prayed together, and she told me she had wondered why she was home for the summer, not going to help in a Bible camp or some such thing, which is what she usually does. She said she knows now that she was supposed to come to this conference, and she’s so glad we’re all here.

I don’t know if my cup can runneth over any more than it already is!


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