Wednesday, July 8

The morning started as usual with devotions together at the church.  Then I went back to the house and continued to help Marianna prepare lunch.  It was a light lunch today, with a “thick” soup, bread, and siskys.  We  had been invted to a private home for the evening meal.  Oh my word.  We had halushky, and zucchini lasagna, and the most incredible thing for dessert.  I don’t even know what to call it.  It was full of fresh fruit, cream, and I think ladyfingers for a crust. I’m going to need to go on bread and water for a couple of weeks when I get home!

I spent quite a bit of time with the pastor’s children this afternoon, and even got in a quick nap.  The intense heat has taken a toll on me, finally.  It just saps the energy, and this old woman has never withstood heat all that well.  The nap did a lot to restore my balance.

We had a regular church service tonight.  One of the team members, Leah, gave her testimony.  What a blessing she is!  Sweet young woman with a real desire to serve the Lord.  Dave Leinbach spoke on prayer, and we closed the meeting singing “How Great Thou Art.”  Of course, I don’t know the Slovak words, so I sang in English. About halfway through the second verse, I was just overcome with the knowledge that here we are, half-way around the world, with people we may never see again; and still, we could lift our voices in the beautiful harmony of that song because we know the same Lord, the same God. There truly is a bond among believers.

When I stepped outside the church doors, a cool gust of wind blew in my face and I was overcome again!  I’ve been praying all week that the heat would break in time for the conference so that we wouldn’t all be so hot, sticky, and uncomfortable. It’s wonderful outside right now, after some rain and that wonderful cool wind. So refreshing!

Once we got to the house, the doorbell rang.  It was a woman who was at last night’s Bible study. She and her husband were going back out to minister to the gypsies, and she had wanted to stop by just to say hello and thank you for our discussion last night. Then, Marianna and I sat in the back yard, enjoying the wind and the cool air, watching their chickens scratch around and act like chickens.  Have you ever just sat and watched chickens?  No?  They’re hilarious!  You’ve no idea what you’re missing. While the chickens did their thing, Marianna and I talked for a long time. Finally, the birds climbed  up to their roost and we came inside.

It’s been a good day.  Productive, interesting, touching others, being touched by others.

And now I’m off to bed.  Good night!  Dobry nuc!


2 thoughts on “Wednesday, July 8

  1. Pam

    Halushky?!! That is a favorite of ours that I have been wanting to make! Their cooking is so good!

    Thanks for sharing these updates! Praying that the upcoming conference will bless many!

    Maybe you can slip in another hug to Cristiana from me! We surely are missing her!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Halushky is wonderful. I especially enjoyed the one with the goat cheese. Has a little bite to it 🙂

      The conference starts in about 1 1/2 hours. The men are worn out,having worked on putting in the cement floor upstairs over the last two days. We’re all excited to see how many come for the conference.


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