Tuesday, July 7

Here is something I posted early today on my Facebook page:

Good morning from Slovakia. This is a request for prayer for my energy and endurance. I feel like I’m fading today! It’s been a wonderful experience in every sense, but this morning I’m just having a hard time getting going. I’m helping Marianna, my hostess, in the church kitchen this morning. We’ll be preparing the noon meal for the workers. I’d just appreciate if you could pray that God will lift me up today physically.

I want to tell you that God answered prayer, way above and beyond!  I had misunderstood the schedule.  My hostess is serving tomorrow, not today. We did food prep–lots of dicing, slicing, chopping, She also made sisky, pronounced shuski,  which are Slovakian fried donuts. They’re not as sweet as our raised donuts, and not as greasy. Wonderful treat.

We ate our usual big lunch. At three o’clock, Pastor Spears and I were treated to tiramisu for tea. At four o’clock Marianna offered me a fresh donut.  At five o’clock we ate our supper.  At six o’clock Marianna and I went to women’s Bible study, where I was privileged to give my testimony and then to answer many, many questions about the work I do. And treats.  Little cream puffs, assorted salty and sweet, minty lemon water.

At nine o’clock we got home.  I said something about bed. Marianna offered me some juice, which somehow morphed into bread, cold cuts, and  brie.

They are merciless.  As I waddled off to bed, I’m sure they were trying to think of something else to feed me 🙂

Meanwhile, the hardworking men and women in the church building and courtyard were sweating buckets and working off the calories from lunch.  They didn’t get tiramisu, or sisky—yet.  They’ll get the sisky tomorrow 🙂

I’m having such a wonderful experience.  And I need to add that I expressed my sense of not contributing as much as the others to both Dave and Pastor Spears, and both of them assured me that, as a friend said on my Facebook post, I’m doing exactly what God sent me over here to do.

Well.  All right, then.

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