First Full Day

What a full day it’s been!   Church service, meeting so many people.  I loved the music.  It was a delight to hear the men’s voices supplying such rich tenor and bass to the songs we sang.  Of course, we didn’t know what we were singing 🙂  The Pastor was very happy to translate words for me when we went home for dinner.

I think my hosts could see that I was practically falling asleep in my soup, and they tactfully suggested I might like to take a nap. I overdid that, I think.  It was very hot here today, and they wanted to take me to a nearby lake. When I finally woke up, we loaded up the kids in the car and drove some distance to this lake. Very pretty, set in the hills nearby. We slowly walked around the lake, stopping at one place to let the kids swim and play in the water.

When we got home, Pastor Bogdan invited me to go along with him and Pastor Spears to minister to some gypsies that have taken part in a Bible study. Many have accepted Christ. It was a wonderful experience to sit on the porch with this large, extended family, to sing with them, to hear them pray, and to share our personal testimonies.  Pastor Spears spoke about the importance of being born again.  I will never forget the kindness of those people as we said goodbye.  The children had been shy when we first arrived, but they all gave me warm hugs when we left. A couple of teenage girls, Marianna and Maria, particularly touched my heart with their friendliness and the joy they took in singing.  They were surprised when I could joing in on several of the songs–in English, of course!–and asked to sing them again so they could hear the English words.

We got back home around 10:30.  I’m tired, filled to the brim, and looking forward to bed and to Monday, to see what the Lord has planned for us.

These could easily have been some of the men we saw tonight. This is a picture I pulled from Google images.  I didnt have my phone with me tonight, and I’m still not having any luck sending my pics from my phone to my computer.  Pastor Spears said he couldn’t make it work either, so still no personal photos of the trip.


7 thoughts on “First Full Day

  1. I’ve spent about three to four hours in study about the person Rodney “Gipsy” Smith the last two days so I found this extra interesting! I tracked down the illustration of the chalk circle and revival starting in the circle to him, and that started my curiosity train. Since I cannot find any stories written about him in story telling form, guess what I am doing now. . .

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  2. Amy

    Thanks again for your details. I am loving it. : ) Tell Dave I said hi & that I talked with the boys tonight. They are doing well.


    1. I will, Amy. Dave has worked like a Trojan out in the very high heat today. They’re clearing all the construction debris from the courtyard. And lunch–my word! A banquet! We have to work hard or we’re all going to gain 20 pounds!


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